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Galapagos dive cruises - Guantanamera yacht liveaboard diving

Galapagos dive and naturalist cruises

Galapagos dive cruises are the best way to see the underwater world of this fascinating archipelago. Galapagos naturalist cruises are the best way to explore each of the Islands fascinating wildlife

The purpose of this website is to inform you about both the Galapagos Islands wildlife and the marine reserve sea creatures, and how to see both the underwater and above-water wonders of the Galapagos on the same cruise.

We give you all the details so you can enjoy the best of both worlds - on land with the giant tortoises and beneath the sea with the whale sharks - there are liveaboard cruises that offer a combination of naturalist and dive itineraries on the same trip. Our very own M/Y Guantanamera yacht offers combination tours where guests can enjoy land visits with dive immersions in between.

On land the animal-life is amazing, many species are unique and unafraid, visitors enjoy close nose-to-nose encounters with the strangest yet friendliest creatures in the animal kingdom. So much is said about the plantlife and animals of the Galapagos Islands on dry land, yet the ocean surrounding the archipelago is rich in sea creatures, and is considered one of the worlds top dive destinations. Neither should be missed this is why we put together this website for both the diver and the non-diver.

It is often the case that we get families where only the father or the mother dives, we offer the diver in the family early morning and midday immersions while the rest of the group visits the Islands and enjoys hiking the trails and discovering some pretty strange creatures.

we invite you to read on and learn about these active Galapagos cruises for divers and non divers alike.